Drawing Tarot is an intimate encounter with yourself. A reading shows you what your spirit needs you to know. It could be a better story to tell yourself about yourself, a validation of your struggles, encouragement to keep going, a clarifying insight on a confusing situation, a chance for emotional catharsis, or even a wake-up call.

As a reader, my role is to help you connect with your own intuition and understand the subtle messages of your own unconscious mind. We sit on the same side of the table and interpret collaboratively. I share my knowledge of the deck and everything I’ve learned from applying the Tarot to my own life and the lives of my querents. You bring your own thoughts, feelings, memories, and personal mythology. Together we discover the unique realization of your reading.

First time querents receive a small watercolour portrait as a gift, a tangible reminder of your experience.

I got my first deck when I was a teenager, so I’ve been studying the Tarot for almost two decades now. Raised as an atheist, for a long time I treated the Tarot as a beloved work of fiction and nothing more. It wasn’t until I had a divine revelation at the age of 34 that I understood how to use the deck as a tool for divination. As the cards guided me through my own healing cycle I was granted the assignment to read professionally. Due to my own personal experiences I have a special affinity for heart healings and a knack for skeptics. However, I love reading for all kinds of querents.

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Readings are available online or in person at my reading room in Montreal’s Plateau neighbourhood. A half hour reading is $50 and a full hour reading is $100. Contact me at finalfashion@gmail.com or +1 647 686 1922 to schedule.

For the best value and convenience, you can subscribe to receive personal monthly written readings through my Patreon. This also includes an intimate letter that lets you in on my methods.

Heartfelt thanks for your curiosity! I am looking forward to seeing you.