Drawing Tarot is an intimate encounter with yourself. First time querents receive a small watercolour portrait as a gift.

I got my first deck when I was a teenager, so I’ve been studying the Tarot for almost two decades now. Raised as an atheist, for a long time I treated the Tarot as a beloved work of fiction and nothing more. It wasn’t until I had a divine revelation at the age of 34 that I understood how to use the deck as a tool for divination. As the cards guided me through my own healing cycle I was granted the assignment to read professionally. Due to my own personal experiences I have a special affinity for heart healings and a knack for skeptics. However, I love reading for all kinds of querents.

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Readings are available online or in person if we are in the same city. A half hour reading is $50 and a full hour reading is $100. Contact me at finalfashion@gmail.com or +1 647 686 1922 to schedule. Heartfelt thanks for your curiosity! I am looking forward to seeing you.