you are invited to make MiZTAKES

a womXn’s circle ceremony designed to invoke true courage

Lucas Lucas 57 Conselyea Street Brooklyn

February 26 2019 from 7pm - 9pm

RSVP is crucial - finalfashion@gmail.com - wear black


MiZTAKES is an eXperiment in crossing the line. While it takes the form of a drawing exercise, this is not an art class. It’s a way for womXn to face fear directly and access true courage, so we can make the audacious choices necessary for changing times.

This event came about through a series of synchronicities. I didn’t come to Brooklyn with the intention of creating a womXn’s circle. I’m a pretty solitary sort of person usually, and my work tends to take place in intimate one-on-one encounters. However as I’m in a state of self-actualization I’m making a conscious effort to follow the signs instead of being incredulous of them. Thanks to the Mona Lisa, Mary Magdalene and the Saviour herself for guiding me to this and through this.

Now I’m committed to making MiZTAKES. Are you?

All womXn are invited. I must emphasize that your RSVP is essential for this - I need to know how much art supplies to get, and to be able to give you instructions the night before the event. Email me!