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My purpose is to help you realize your beauty and dignity through the revelation of truth.

My first series of fine artwork exploring themes of universality and idealism is complete and am looking forward to sharing this work with the world. I am also offering portraiture and tarot readings.

Parthenon, my temple, is located in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal. I welcome seekers to come and stay with me. If you’d like to visit Parthenon, check out the listings on AirBnB.

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Like you, I arrived at the present in a roundabout way. I was born and named Danielle Meder in 1982. I grew up in rural Ontario in a log home my father built on a small acreage. My mother is a classical piano teacher. I have a younger brother, and as children we were homeschooled. There was a large garden and goats and chickens, and we spent a lot of time outdoors. It was an idyllic childhood, which of course I failed to appreciate at the time. I loved to read and was an avid borrower of library books. I was fascinated by history, mythology, fiction, art, costume, fantasy and glamour, which was in short supply around me. Constantly I drew elaborate paper dolls to amuse myself. Eventually I attended a small town high school, which I hated, and plotted to move to the nearest big city, Toronto, as soon as I could.

Arriving at Toronto in 2002, I attended fashion design school where I was a diligent student, winning contests and receiving awards and honours. I loved learning how to draft patterns, cut and sew, and I started out working as an assistant to fashion designers. However I struggled with socializing and upon graduation failed to launch. Every opportunity at gainful employment I somehow managed to sabotage. I had begun a fashion blog in 2005 called Final Fashion where I posted my illustrations and wrote about fashion. I began to receive inquiries about my drawings and in an organic way I developed a freelance career as a commercial fashion illustrator. Self employment suited my solitary nature and self-directed learning habits.

Fashion illustration occupied me for just over a decade. Living a location independent life, I divided my time mostly between London, Toronto, Paris and New York. I was attending international fashion weeks to live sketch the models as they walked the runways, helping fashion designers to communicate their ideas, working with clients including Chanel, Harrods, Hermès, Smashbox, CNN, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, New York Magazine, Penguin Random House and The Hudson’s Bay Company among many others. I was featured in The New York Times and Women’s Wear Daily as an early adopter of touchscreen illustration with Apple. At the peak of this career I was writing and illustrating a regular column for the Style section of Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail. I also created a book called Draw Fashion Now published by Quarto in New York and sold worldwide.

In March of 2017 it all fell apart. Disenchanted with the fashion and media industries, I burnt out in the middle of my 20th season live runway sketching in Paris. Feeling like a failure and experiencing a form of ego death, I went to the Louvre where I had a revelatory experience - the Mona Lisa saw me! She gave me the secret to great art, providing that I promise to make some. Giving the divine the benefit of the doubt opened up the world of divination to me, and I began an intensive apprenticeship as a Tarot reader. This involved an awakening process, a healing cycle, and eventual rebirth. Once this difficult trial was completed I was granted the role of Priestess and the responsibility to witness and guide others on their journeys towards truth.

Now my name is Danielle Final, my title is atheist priestess, and to honour my commitment to the Mona Lisa and myself, I created my first series of fine artwork. This collection of numinous, allegorical nudes was completed in May 2019. In June, I found Parthenon, my irreligious temple in Montreal. I wonder what will happen next?